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About Future Diplomats PeaceGame

Each year, the PeaceGame brings together the leading minds in national security policy, international affairs, academia, business, and media to “game out” peaceful resolutions to serious conflicts. In so doing, the PeaceGame seeks to redefine how we think about conflict resolution and the possibility of peace.

Now the PeaceGame has engaged the next generation of foreign policy leaders at the Future Diplomats PeaceGame, a collaboration between the Foreign Policy Group, the Emirates Diplomatic Academy and Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. Diplomatic academies from around the world are invited to nominate their most promising students to participate in this unique event.

Imagine what foreign policy would look like if world leaders approached the achievement of peace with the same energy, resources, and realism with which they approach preparing for wars. What if we viewed peace not as the cessation of hostilities, but rather as the achievement of the political, economic, social, environmental, and cultural factors that lead to stability, organic growth, and conflict resolution within – instead of apart from - a system of laws?

The Future Diplomats are brought together in Abu Dhabi with leading experts and luminaries in the field of Diplomacy for three days of intensive training, cultural exchange, and a live simulation with an audience.

In the words of His Excellency Bernardino León, Director General of the Emirates Diplomatic Academy: “The Future Diplomats PeaceGame serves as a powerful tool for helping trainee diplomats to understand the potential of diplomacy for maintaining peace.  It was also a great opportunity for participants from around the world to form lasting bonds with their peers from other countries.”

2018 Future Diplomats PeaceGame

2018 FDPG: South Asia Nuclear Scenario, November 15, Abu Dhabi

2017 Future Diplomats PeaceGame

The Inaugural Future Diplomats PeaceGame brought together a select group of students representing diplomatic academies from 21 countries and 5 continents. Looking to next generation foreign policy challenges, the 2017 Future Diplomats PeaceGame focused on the emerging issue of cyber threats.

Future Diplomats took on the role of key international stakeholders, navigating a series of simulated cyber attacks with the potential to escalate into full-blown conflict. They explored ways in which they could advance their country’s interests, while identifying opportunities for cooperation and ultimately, achieving a peaceful resolution. Throughout the day, a panel that combined decades of experience at the highest levels in both cyber security and diplomacy, providing expert commentary and context.